World debut of the new “Fiat Bravo” model

Eurotend collaborated with Fiat on the installation of tensostructures to host the new “Fiat Bravo” presentation event.

Tensostructures extending over 8200 m2, 28 working days to accommodate 1,800 invitees, 5 evenings in a row.

The main structure was duly reinforced to enable the Canadian acrobats of the Cirque Du Soleil to perform their astounding feats.

These are just some of the characteristics of a job perfectly accomplished by Eurotend, a leader in the field of tensostructure design and rental.

The full service provided included transport, assembly and disassembly of the entire installation. The 50m by 105m tent, with 5m high sides, was made of anodised aluminium, was anchored to the ground by means of weights, and was fitted with a wooden floor resting on a galvanised steel substructure. The roofing and the side walls were made of Crystal PVC.

Installing a tent of this size to host international events that attract huge streams of visitors is no hassle to Eurotend, but in this particular case it was necessary to set up a structure that would enable the acrobats of a world renowned circus to perform in full safety with all their equipment, lighting fixtures, supporting frameworks.
During some stages of the show, the load supported by each truss vault – consisting of moving carriages, light fixtures, audio system and video projectors – weighed more than 1,500 kg.

Thus, the demanding installation for the launch of the new “Fiat Bravo” required meticulous static design studies and entailed complex problems which the Eurotend staff addressed successfully, in order to solve all the technical problems associated with an event of enormous resonance.

With this participation in yet another high-prestige event, Eurotend confirmed its expertise and reliability, which are recognised at international level.

World debut of the new "Fiat Bravo" model

World debut of the new "Fiat Bravo" model

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